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Faith 101: Put God First

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Time, Talent & Treasure by Dr. Cedric Oliver


Why does the world system (Babylon) have access to God’s best and brightest? Why does the church function with individuals who serve in areas that they are not the most gifted in? Why are believers so exhausted from work and careers that they find it challenging to give their time to God? Why is God’s kingdom a low priority in the area of Christian’s personal finances?  It seems that God has to settle for seconds while the world system gets the best of believer’s Time, Talent, and Treasure.  In this powerful series Dr. Cedric Oliver teaches us the significance of giving God access once again to our Time, Talents, and Treasure so that they can be used by him to advance his kingdom on the earth. You will also discover the great benefits realized in your life by giving your Time Talent and Treasure to Him. You will never give something to God that he does not return to your life multiplied. God has a very specific plan and purpose for our lives but we must make our life available to him.  Give him your TIME TALENT AND TREASURE and prepare to receive the greatest blessing that you will ever experience in your life!

Col. 1:16 …….All things were created “by”Him “for”Him

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