First Fruit Month

In 2018, as your pastors, we encourage you to get positioned for the outpouring of God’s glory. You ask, ‘How do you get positioned?’ The Word said you do it by giving God His First Fruit — 100 percent! Make a commitment to join us in January, the month of “First Fruits” [Neh. 10:35-7], and do it all for His Glory. Choose to be united in that place of spiritual discipline that creates an atmosphere for God to open the heavens upon your household [Deut.28: 12].

We invite all members and attendees this month to:

  • Come to New Year’s Eve Service
  • Gather together at EOC in 100 percent capacity for Sunday and Wednesday services;
  • Decide to tithe to the Lord (a tenth of income) consistently;
  • Attend corporate prayer and take part in the Daniel’s Denial (fast) [Daniel 1: 12];
  • Pray the Prayer List daily and complete the monthly Bible-reading schedule.

We believe when we become unified in giving God the First-Fruit effort, we bind spiritual hindrances and distractions, but we simultaneously loose anointed power and favor for what
concerns us in 2018.

Drs. Cedric & Joyce Oliver


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